End-Game Guilds v2

After some deliberation and chatting with a friend, I’ve decided to make some alterations to the deck already.  It curves a bit towards a more mainstream Bant deck now, and less of my own creation, but still has a bit of my own swag added to it.  Let’s face it, the meta is the meta for a reason, and sometimes deviating to far from it isn’t going to work out, I believe this is one of those cases.  I’ll detail my changes and why I made them in this post to the best of my ability.



Both of these cards got the ax, after some play testing it just worked out that they weren’t really doing what I was expecting them to do.  Gyre Sage ramps up to slow, and wasn’t providing me with any real acceleration, and was actually slowing me down, or just serving as a dead draw more often than not.  Elusive Krasis did what it needed to about 30-40% of the time, and the rest of the time I found it more beneficial to drop Geist of Saint Traft on turn 2 or 3 over it to create some extra pressure on the board.  When Krasis did work out was when I drew my first one around mid-game and then Bioshift counters from Zegana or something else after blockers were assigned.  Which is nice, but at that point in the game, I felt it wasn’t any more effective to shift 5-9 counters onto him than it was to shift them onto a Thragtusk or Geist with Trample, or a token that didn’t get assigned a blocker.

That freed up five card slots in the mainboard, so let’s talk about what I replaced them with.


I added two Ranger’s Path two the deck in replace of Gyre Sage, she was put into the deck for a bit of acceleration, and I wasn’t getting that out of her, what I did find in my playtests though is I had no problem getting my early acceleration out of Pilgrims and Farseek, but I would sometimes find myself without the right sources of mana, which can be an issue in a deck like this, so I decided being able to go search out two dual lands that count as Forests would help to resolve those issues.  I was running three Gyre Sages, but decided two Ranger’s Path would be enough, I don’t want to end up in a situation where I have plenty of land but nothing to tap it for.

On top of adding a fourth Thragtusk, I also added two Armada Wurms to the deck in replace of the Krasis, as I mentioned earlier, Krasis was becoming more useful in the mid to late game area, and I was wanting to add Armada Wurm to the deck initially, now it isn’t unblockable, but it does take two creatures to fully block, and both it and it’s token have Trample, making them prime (I did it again)targets for Bioshift.

This also got removed in favor of two Forest, I found I wasn’t using it’s activated often enough, as I’d usually have more things in my hand that I wanted to save mana for just in case, and would end up being a source of colorless mana most game.  Might change the Forests into another Harbor and Fortress at a later date, but for now, I think having additional search targets for Ranger’s Path is the better route.  More playtesting will tell.


The two Oblivion Rings turned into Cloudshifts; I found that with only running two of them they weren’t helping out as much as I’d like them to, most often, they’d just get used to take away a creature I didn’t have a way to deal with, in favor saving a Charm, or just taking a potential blocker from my opponent.  This could be a result of what I was playtesting the deck against, but I also found that regardless of my opponent, three Restoration Angels weren’t providing me with all the blinking that I wanted out of this deck, so, Cloudshift found it’s way into the deck.

That’s all of the major changes for now, the sideboard did get changed up a bit, which you’ll be able to see below when I post the new deck list, as well as, some cards being eliminated from the maybe pile.  The last two things that are really on my mind at the moment regarding this deck are: 1) The possibility of making room for two Snapcaster Mage. It would be a dead draw early on, which is why I only want to run two, but it would provide me with some extra Bioshift/Cloudshift potential, as well as, the opportunity to grab another Charm from the graveyard if I needed.  2) Angel of Serenity still gives me the feeling that it should be in either the mainboard or sideboard, if it was placed into the Sideboard, it would most likely take the place of Lyev Skyknight, but I like the fact that the Skynight can take more than just creatures out of play.  If it was to make it into the main deck, I feel like I’d probably replace Geist of Saint Traft with it, but I just can’t get over losing the early game pressure that Geist can place on a game.

End-Game Guild Deck List 2.0:

Creature (17)

Planeswalker (2)

Enchantment (3)

Instant (10)

Sorcery (6)

Sideboard (15)

Maybeboard (6)