A Brief Introduction

Hmm…Let’s see, what to put here.   Well, I’m 25, and I’m an English Education Major, living in Southern Illinois, in about six weeks I will be moving to Seattle, Washington.  I think the move is partially what rekindled my interest in Magic; Washington is where Wizards of the Coast is located, and a large amount of tournaments are held in the area, but also, some of my current friends have recently started playing again, and I guess it brought up the nostalgia of time’s past.  I’m a pretty laid back guy, and I can get along with most anybody, but I’m also extremely competitive.  I think that is partially what draws me to Magic, and other types of gaming.

This blog is mainly going to be used to share my experiences, opinions, and general banter about my return to the Collectible Card Game (CCG), Magic: the Gathering.  I first started playing Magic back in 2000, during my Freshman year of High School, 7th Edition was the Core Set that was around, and Onslaught had just been released.  Initially, I started playing with a couple people I had met, and became friends with, as a casual thing to do before school, and sometimes after football practice, or on the weekends.  We’d buy some cards here and there, trade among ourselves, and build pretty terrible decks, but hey, we’d never looked into anything regarding the game, or it’s competitive side, we were just having fun seeing who could one up each other.  After a couple months, we got wind of a local card shop that hosted Friday Night Magic (FNM); so we got together after school one day, and went to get some details on what this was all about, and after a few weeks of looking into the formats and revising our decks to be Type 2 legal, we began to participate in the tournaments on a weekly basis.  For those unaware of the term, Type 2, it’s what is known as Standard in today’s age.

It didn’t take long before a couple of us, myself included, decided that playing in the tournaments wasn’t enough, we wanted to be winning the tournaments, so we started doing some research into the more competitive scene, deck-building strategies, common meta scene, and trade values.  It wasn’t long before myself and another friend had ingratiated ourselves into the group that was regularly advancing to the “Play-Off Rounds” of our local FNM tournaments, and from here the next logical step was to try our hand at Pro Tour Qualifiers (PTQs).  I think my best finish in a PTQ was 6th, but this was a couple years down the road, and with the prices of Magic cards rising, and the fact that sets used to rotate out of Type 2 much quicker than they do now, it just became unfeasible to really stay competitive as a High School student, plus, I had grown more interested in spending my money on females for more carnal pursuits, and thus, I quit playing Magic.  I sold of my collection eventually, and hadn’t thought about the game until a few weeks ago, when I decided I’d like to start playing again.

That’s what this blog is, my reemergence into the competitive Magic scene. It will probably be a couple months before I really rebuild my collection, and start participating in regular tournaments again, as I have to focus on moving 2,300 miles away currently, but I will be providing deck strategies, and my thoughts on the evolving meta with the coming release of Gatecrash.

P.S  I feel I should add that I primarily a Control, or Combo player, never been a huge fan of Aggro and Creature Beats decks, but I’ll play one from time to time, and do my best to provide you with my thoughts on the movers and shakers of the Aggro scene, regardless of whether or not I’m the one looking to play them.  Well, that is all, look forward to providing you with quality reading material, or at least something to laugh about with your friends at the local gaming store.

Robert aka Krayve404


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